November 14, 2010 Chennai
The Chennai storytelling Association (CSA) is a project of the World storytelling Institute (WSI). On November 14, 2010 was the inaugural meeting of the Chennai storytelling Association at Anita Ratnam's dance space in Chennai. The meeting was hosted by Eric Miller of WSI and Anita Ratnam.

It was an informal morning of meeting that was actually a reunion of about 25 people who have attended storytelling workshops of the WSI for the past 3 years, discussion about storytelling as well as the importance of storytelling to each individual present. A primary mission of the CSA will be to develop and share lesson plans for training people (children and adults) in the art of storytelling in English and Tamil.

Since Anita grew up listening to stories from her "kadhai vaadhyaar," she has always been interested in storytelling and weaves her performances with many narratives, both personal and from different cultures and mythology. She conducted some exercises in breathing and how to express certain reactions that lend drama to storytelling.

Photos: Lalitha Venkat

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