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a million SITA-s
a Neo Bharatam presentation

The annual JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, hosted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal's Centre for Creative Arts, celebrates its 20th edition with the theme Legacy, from 28 August to 9 September 2018. This landmark 20th edition will celebrate 20 years of bringing Durban the world through contemporary dance, and 20 years of nurturing and supporting the growth and development of contemporary dance in the city through open workshops, grants and the creation of platforms for local dancers and choreographers to showcase their work.

An amazing showcase of innovative movement and music, new configurations of aesthetics and politics will be interwoven at the 20th Annual JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, under the visionary direction of Lliane Loots, Artistic Director of the Festival, and of Flatfoot Dance Company. The thirteen-day event showcases local and internationally acclaimed talent at UKZN's Howard College Campus Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre.

Dr. Anita Ratnam presents her acclaimed dance theatre production A MILLION SITAS for JOMBA followed by a 4 city tour of the USA.

The Ramayana is echoed through the DNA of India and South East Asia, as an epic, a text, a sacred book, a bedtime story, an opera - interpreted through painting, dance, theatre, song, animation, television and film. This Adi Kavya (eternal story) has seen more debate, discussion and discourse than any other writing in Indian society.

In A MILLION SITAS, the heroine of this time-honoured tale stands at the centre of a power tussle as two men battle with their egos and divergent ideas of duty and honour. It is SITA and the women in this re-telling who emerge from the shadows and pages of history to braid the multiple narratives of this riveting story.


August 30 and 31: Durban, South Africa
University of KwaZulu-Natal's Centre for Creative Arts
Jomba Festival - Howard College Campus Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, 7.30pm 

September 8, Metuchen, NJ
Kanavagam, Forum Theatre, 5.30pm

September 16, Denver, Colorado
Colorado Fine Arts Association - Broomfield Auditorium, Broomfield, CO, 4pm

September 23, Tampa, FL
Shreyas Arts and Tampa Tamil Association, 5pm

September 29, Chicago, IL
Natya Dance Theatre, Dominican University, 5pm

Concept and Performance: Anita R Ratnam
Choreography: Hari Krishnan in collaboration with Anita Ratnam
Research and Text: Rex and Anita Ratnam
Costumes: Sandhya Raman
Music & Sound Design: Vedanth Bharadwaj & Bindhu Malini
Recorded music featuring: NK Kesavan, Bindhu Malini, L Subhasri, Subhiksha Rangarajan and Viji Krishnan

Singer/Actor: Sharanya Krishnan
Drummers: Revash Dookhi (tabla) & Mandla Matsha (djembe)
Stage Design: Reshma Chibba
Stage Manager: L Subhasri

Singer/Actor: Taniya Panda

Singer/Actor: Snigdha Venkatramani

Info: anitaratnam@yahoo.com

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